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¿Está buscando una escapada en Berlín? ¿ Busca una alternativa a un hotel o simplemente un alojamiento asequible para su viaje de negocios? ¡Entonces venga a la capital de Alemania! Experimente la excepcional atmósfera de Berlín y relaciónese con la historia alemana, reservando su estancia a través de nuestro servicio de alojamiento Con su población de 3,4 millones de habitantes, Berlín es la ciudad más poblada de Alemania y la segunda de la Unión Europea. Además, Berlín es el mayor centro político y cultural de Alemania. Venga a disfrutar de la mentalidad abierta y la tolerancia de los habitantes de Berlín mientras se aloja en un piso su-alquilado o en una habitación de una casa privada. Hay numerosos alojamientos baratos en Berlín. Y para los búhos nocturnos, Berlín es la capital de los clubes y bares. Berlín puede atraparte con su naturaleza. Zonas de ocio como el Tiergarten son lugares alternativos para descansar del ajetreo de la ciudad. Y las mejores experiencias de vacaciones nacen alojándose en un apartamento originalmente amueblado o habitaciones en hogares privados en Berlín. ¿Lo sabía? Incluso en Wannsee, le proporciona un servicio de alojamiento económico. Puede encontrar habitaciones para viajeros individuales así como alojamiento barato.

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Lugares de interés turístico en Berlin

Reichstag building
The Reichstag building is the place of the German parliament and a symbol of democratic Germany. It is the most visited parliament in the world. The Reichstag building was reconstructed under the direction of the English architect Norman Foster between 1991 and 1999. The glass dome on top of the building is one of the most popular sights of Berlin. An unforgettable visit to Reichstag was by the two American artists Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude, which attracted millions of visitors. Many of these visitors stayed in shared apartments or in rooms of private homes with actual Berlin citizens.
Brandenburg Gateway
The Brandenburger Tor was built in the Pariser square to mark the closing of the Grand Boulevard „Unter den Linden“. At first, the Tor was a symbol of the Cold War and the seperation between East and West Germany. Today, Brandenburger Tor has become the symbol of German unity and is a must-see landmark for english speaking tourists, due to the the high volume of private accommodation providers who speak english in Berlin. See the vast amount of accommodation listings in the Berlin section of
Memorial Church
The majority of the Gedächtniskirche was destroyed during World War II. However, the last standing mark of the of this well known landmark is the church tower, of which the steeple was also lost during the frequent bombings of the war. As a symbol for the destroyed strength of the war, the tower was repaired only so far as to keep it from collapsing.
Checkpoint Charlie
Monument to the former seperation of East and West Germany as well as Berlin. At this point, the US and Soviet tanks stood directly across from eachother and an unfortunate error on someone's part triggered the begining of the Cold War between the two countries. Today there is a museum that stands right at the border crossing. There are also many other sights in the vicinity of Checkpoint Charlie and we can recommend many accommodations in the area to suit your needs. Try an affordable place to stay in an accommodation nearby in Berlin Kreuzberg or Berlin Mitte for long overnight stays.
Potsdamer Platz
With the modern buildings, Potsdamer Platz represents the new look of Berlin. Not only canyou see a new film premier here, but you also might run into one of the stars on the way! At the Ritz-Carlton in Potsdamer Platz you can meet many prestigigous people of Germany . Make your reservations in Berlin in a spacious apartment near Potsdamer Platz today!
Victory Column
After the victorious wars over Denmark, Austria, and France had ended, the Victory Column was finished and erected in 1873. It first stood at the Platz der Republik in the direct vicinity of the Reichstag building. The column now stands at the Großer Stern (Great Star) intersection in the inner city part of Berlin.
This is the most beautiful Platz in Berlin which also connects to the renowned Flaniermeile Friedrichsstraße. The identical towers of Germany and the French Doms are the biggest attractions of the square and their incomparable beauty always steal the show. At the Gendarmenmarkt you can find numerous amounts of restaurants, shops, apartments, as well as available private rooms.
Berlin Cathedral
This impressive Dom was erected by the Prussians for the Protestant church congregation and is today still used for church services. Across from the Dom there is a piece of the former Palace of the Republic and Berliner Stadtschloss, that were torn down by the DDR Regime after World War II.
Museum Island
Hosting five museums, the Museum Island is the culture center of Germany and one of the largest holders of the world's historical treasures. In 2015, the Museum Island's new entrance will be completed so that all of the museums will be connected to one another. Through the diversity of accommodations offered in Berlin, it has become a main hub for visitors who plan to stay for several days at a time, and finding overnight accommodations, like private room or apartment, is just a click away.

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